rimona Inc. (“our company”) shall handle personal information of our customers in accordance with our company’s “Personal Information Protection Policy” as follows.

We are committed to protecting personal information in order for our customers to enjoy our services (“this service”.)

1. Purpose of Use of Personal Information.

Any personal information of our customers shall be only used within the scope of the following purposes.

- To manage customer information regarding this service

- To provide information on our products

- To provide information necessary to operate this service

Any personal information of applicants in recruiting and our employees shall be only used within the scope of the purpose for which consent is obtained.


2. Providing Personal Information to Third Parties

Our company shall not provide to third parties personal information that is held by our company without obtaining consent from the customer except as provided in law.


3. Consigning Personal Information

There are cases where our company consigns personal information within the scope of achieving the purposes of use. When consigning the handling of personal information to other business operators, our company shall monitor them to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to protect personal information, such as Personal Information Protection Contract.


4. Security Control Measures of Personal Information

Our company shall implement appropriate security control measures to prevent improper access to personal information.


5. Outcome when Personal Information is not Provided

In case when necessary information is not provided, the corresponding services of our company wouldn’t be available.


6. Procedures of Disclosure, Correction, Deletion, or Discontinuation of Use of Personal Information

Our company defines procedures to take when a request is made to disclose, correct, delete, or discontinue the use of, personal information. In response to the request, our company confirms the identity of the requester.


Fovr further details on procedures of disclosure, correction, deletion, or discontinuation of use of personal information, please contact the following.


Contact Information for Inquires on the Handling of Personal Information


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